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This blog is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and get back time freedom with digital marketing by using proven and customized strategies that deliver results.
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Make visiting your Business more fun than going to the other guy
Written by Megan Coetzee
What makes people go to one store instead of another, that sells the same goods? Service, price, location…
HOW I got a client over 450 leads in 14 days, and WHY they didn't make 1 sale...
Written by Megan Coetzee
Click the 'Send to Messenger' button to get your custom strategy today. We will send you a message in messenger, so head on over to Facebook or Messenger to get your custom strategy...
high lifetime value targeting...
Written by Megan Coetzee
In this article we're going to share some more advanced marketing strategy with you. It’s not a complicated strategy, but it can increase your return on adspend substantially...
You won’t achieve greatness by playing it safe. If you want success, you should be willing to take risks and face your fears.
Written by Zurika Coetzee
You might have this brilliant idea, company or product but still you feel stuck inside that light bulb using the old ways while the whole ocean awaits you to make it your playground...
Systems + Automation = Freedom
Written by Megan Coetzee
In this article, I want to share some insights on what you need to do to avoid getting  trapped by your business even if you're just starting out and don't have huge budgets...

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